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Paella is never forgotten

One of the most famous foods in Italy after pasta is risotto. Spain has its elegant tradition of preparing rice but cooking it in another shape, Paella is one of them and I like it very much. I have always believed that the best way to adapt and live in a foreign country is to taste every local dish, buy typical products and try to get to know the locals. Cooking is one of my passions and thanks to a friend I learned to cook Paella. Tony has been the owner of the Don Antonio re...

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Hike in Javea for the whole family.

There are several routes for Hiking in Javea to enjoy the amazing and beautiful scenery of this coast town on the northern costa blanca. However for those of us who are not experienced hikers or have family with them i.e. small child, there is a great hiking route for the whole family. The hike to Cap Prim.  From the cruz de portixol there is a route that leads to the furthest eastern point of Spain, the cap prim. The hike / walk takes about 45min and although it is not too st...

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Javea, a hidden paradise.

It's been a few months now that I live and work in Javea. Before that I lived in the southern part of the Costa Blanca. Javea is different in many ways. First and foremost nature. It is very green here. If you drive around the region by car you see a different landscape after every bend. From beautiful pine forests to beautiful residential areas on a mountain slope. Then you think: What a beautiful sea view these villas should have. Javea consists of three parts. The ...

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Coffee is a special drink for Italians, we use to drink more than 5 during the day and, if invited we can never decline. My memory goes to my young age when I could smell the Bourbon coffee that my Dad (Babbo in Italian) use to prepare as a first thing, was his daily love declaration to my Mamma: coffee at the bed every day. And during the years this aroma still opening my heart and nice vibrations. This is the reason why I love to have coffee at

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